Thursday, April 16, 2009

Through Different Eyes

Women see things differently from men, they take from any conversation what they will. Here is an experience that happened to a friend, not so recently. I refuse to mention names, but I dare any woman to deny the possibility of this scene.

Here is a conversation that took place by letter, sent to a girlfriend and a dear friend. The words may vary but the essence remains, judge for yourself the heartily gains;

My dearest people,

I do apologize for not getting in touch for the last few months. Things have not been easy. I have been virtually at deaths door for a time and to broke to survive or a long while. I lost my job due to downsizing and sadly just after I feel gravely ill. I hardly had money to feed let alone pay the doctor.

My neighbors have been kind; they took me to the hospital where I have been all this while. To weak to speak or write a letter, the doctors feared I was at my last days. I ought to have called or communicated, believe me I wanted to. But my phone line has been retrieved by the phone company and no one comes to see me here. I could barely pay my hospital bill and for some reason when they tried your number they couldn’t get through. You are right; I never should have moved so far from home.

I managed to loan some money off my ex, she was in town for a day and a neighbour told her where to find me. She paid for my bill. When they told me I had a vistor, how I wished it was you my love, or you my dear friend.

Things are a bit better now, I have been discharged so please do not worry about my health. I have my internet service back up. I have no job yet and things are still hard, but I get the odd job to do once in a while and that gets me by.

I go weary of being away from you, so I am saving up enough money for a final return. You are all that matters to me. My friend, take care of my loved one till I return. I miss you both.

Love …

The replies..

The dear friend (a guy)


That was some touching letter. You need anything? How do I get over money to you, I have some cash saved up and I still owe you for the bet we made in high school, I bet that must have gathered interest by now.

Do hurry back, your love misses you. You sound rather depressed, gay even.. hahaha. Hope the sickness and heat haven’t altered your sexual preference, remember I am happily married, hahaha.

Can’t wait to see you dude, get in touch so I know how to send over cash to you.


The girlfriend

….You were with you ex?