Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh No! Not Again....

I got the call around ten, from a dear friend
Saying if I left work right then, I would catch the cock and the hen
So quickly to the carry I hurried
The consequences I denied to quarry
I been the fool for way to long
Now was the time for my change of song
So madly I sped through corners and lights
Imaging smugly the awaited sight
One that had been described to me in loose detail
That I tried repeatedly to see but was always at fail
I had the divorce papers beside me
Finally I would be free
From the woman who had never loved me
Free to roam, chase and bed
And other woman that crossed my stead
No need for guns, knives or murder
Thoughts like that only lead one to slaughter
A life as sweet as yours hers and his
All because she shared a kiss
He could keep her for all I cared
I’d keep the houses and money and the kids we’d reared
Hers and mine, I could simply take
She would forfeit as she caused the break
Finally to the house I arrived
Packed the car in the neighbors drive
Saw his packed in mine
And was happy all was in line
I snug round to the back
Slowly opened the door to keep the noise level intact
Slowly up the stairs I crept
Quietly to where they both slept
To catch them the man who had my wife
Curled up daily so tight
Only to catch a sight that was nae not a delight
For there lay naked with the woman I wed
My mother in my marriage bed



    Talk about nightmares!

  2. Eeeeewwwwwwwwwwww, that's just soooo gross

  3. ewwww....i tot u wer about to say that she wasnt cheatin after all...ooh i love poetry..