Monday, April 27, 2009

Reasons why I love my wife

She points out all my flaws, like I’m some modern day tragedy
Yet she loves me, at least that’s what she tells me
She sees me in a way no one else can
Full frontal, as I am, without the afterglow, just as a man
She says harsh words to bring me down a notch
I love her so much I turned to scotch
She’s always there to greet me with a hand on my face
She seems content by how I never let that go to waste
Some people say I love her too much
But where would I be without her touch
I’ve been adviced to cheat on her once in a while
But what would I do if I ever lost her smile?
I have sat down days just imagining
How I would be without her nagging
And I realize right there quite simply
I might not be able to live without her willingly
We’ve been together fifteen years, now that’s a long time
She’s made the bed and stood beside me all this while
She always there to point out my many wrongs
With such delight it’s like she breaks out in songs
It’s not that I love her too much; it’s just there would be no life without her
That much I have confirmed, oh yes sir
The truth be told, the reason I am still here?
My wife’s a pharmacology professor, who’s cooked my meals for fifteen years my dear…..


  1. lol...i love your poems..its always always tells a story!

  2. lmao! so she cld kill u if u screwed up! lol!

    macy! miss ya!

  3. Leggy, I'd change your name to sexy, cos thats how you come across to me mentally. Toluwa miss you back, wish you were here so I could show you that.
    Now to set straight the things I have spoken
    Of the intricate web my wife has woven
    Tis not the fear that she would kill me if I screwed up that keeps me by my side
    But the fear that the antidote she might hide
    For I believe she did the poisoning on the night that we wed
    And feeds me the antidote every night before we go to bed
    So that if i would leave her ever one day
    Well you thats why I stay...