Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Bank Tale....Part 1?

When backed to the wall, we men do the craziest of things. I once knew a guy who threatened to jump from a two story window just to get out of a tight situation with a woman. But that’s another story at another time; our tale today has nothing to do with a woman, least none that I know of.

Now our friend today has got his reasons, doesn’t matter what they. You decide what would best justify a crime other than pride. The fact is on this day, with AK, he’s decided he must get paid. So to the bank he goes, on the corner of a street called Maine to make a little more than a little withdrawal.

Like in any other bank, there’s a short line at the teller and pulling out your gun at the front door is only asking for trouble. So he joins the queue for what else can he does and patiently waits for his turn to come. And to make it more cliché he has a note for the teller written on a withdrawal slip.

Now it could just be his luck, or maybe it’s the times we’re in but as the queue slowly goes shorter, the man at the counter pulls out a gun and points it at the teller. Now this is a situation, he’s banks getting robbed and our friend quickly has to think of a play, but as he’s there thinking others are doing as a second guy pulls out a gun to make his say.

Now there’s a bit of confusion, these guys aren’t together but they’d be damned if they don’t get paid. So with an unspoken accord and since they have everyone’s attention they decide that half is always better than none. And others seeing that this bird will lay eggs; join in the action of the two. So before our friend could calculate an action the bank was half run with robbers. At the sight of which I must point out that the bank manager, just looked around and without thought but much reason, squirmed and fainted.

Now here it is the oddest thing, standing there to hapless to think. There he is with a gun in his coat, realizing he is not alone in this endeavor. Alas a funny situation has we here, where thieves out number clients in a bank…or isn’t that the way it has always been? Still for one planning to rob the bank as my friend, an odd predicament to more than one end


  1. LMAO, u've got one creative mind there havent u? nice one,off to read part 2

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