Sunday, April 12, 2009

Guess who this is for......

Please do not take this the wrong way, I'm not trying to wreck any homes abeg....

I just saw her lips, only her lips
And for hours and days I have sat here
Trying to compose an ode, maybe even a sonnet
Anything to declare the beauty in their stare
Yet day after day, hour after hour
I fall short of words, imagination, brilliance to properly describe
The emotions that they stir and strike
I cannot be the only man to have seen this
Or even this endeavor pursued
Her husband must have gone through much more
For her heart to win for sure
And yet even she must know the power in which they are held
Do not misunderstand me; I try not here to woe
A lost battle that would be here to ensue ( believe me I know)
Forgiveness I crave for the boldness I dare
But such African lips deserve such respect
(abeg I no talk say dem no dey receive am ohhh! Na only write up, wa lai e)
To believe such godly sites were responsible for sucking the snut from my nose
Is more than mere wonder to me
(now that’s why I wrote this, they remind me of my mothers, and yes my mother is serenaded daily by poetry too. That’s why I moved out of my father’s house because the rivalry was getting too much, actually he kicked me out)
All hail the African woman, equipped with lips and hips
They wield ever so artfully
And yet humbly enough to use them so lovingly


  1. OMG..


    I really dont want to be presumptuous

  2. i was already presumptuous by assuming thoese were your lips, so please go ahead, be...

  3. oh wow..

    yea, they

    thanks a lot man..i really am

    i really dont want to believe u got thrown out!