Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Let's strike a bargain
I'll switch souls with the dead
So they might have my body
And walk beside you instead
Maybe then you'll see reason
When you hear the praises they said
Maybe they can lead you
To that paradise in your head
So let's strike a bargain
My life for that of someone you love
So that they may comfort you
Give you the love and acknowledgement you so want
Maybe then I'd have a reason
And a purpose might come my way
And I might be able to add something positive
To the life that you lay.

Nomad Thoughts

I'm just a host for these thoughts and feelings
Fighting to burst through, to survive
To finally breathe in air of their own
Held back by the essence that is me
Finding their dreams still remain unreal
And deep inside they continue to rebel against me
Cooking up a storm, so they can finally be rid of me
They don't see me as human
I'm a just a mechanism, a machine
Utterly useless to their loved ones
And to those they find feelings for
Thoughts and reason have no need of me
They watch and listen as I stand by
Everyone around me has a problem and need
But I can't satisfy them
Neither can I do anything
Helpless as a man
Weak as a machine
My thoughts have finally questioned
The reason and need for me