Friday, April 10, 2009


For a friend, a dear, an inspiration......

now if only serena had a body like you
and beyonce a face like you
then just maybe i might be into them too
but my dear they still just not you
what's scary is that you got the brains too
so a deadly combination is you
and i know whatever you put your mind to
that's just what you gonna do
so that the world sits back and applauds on cue
at the inspiring actions of you
now guys they want to be with you
and most of them just won't do
so what they do is try to diss you
to make you feel less than you
they pump you up with emotions untrue
to bring you down a notch or two
but i'll be honest with you
there was a godess born in you
and the only thing that was ever wrong with you
is that you just too beautiful
and if that act is all so sinful
there's the biggest sinner lurking in you
and no one can ever rob off you
the shine in you so true
so the only one to come in the way of you
my dear can only be you
and the onlookers can only come off being in awe of you
and when you do the things you do
that brings out the star in you
so the angels come saying 'i know that beau'
i can say 'i know her too'


  1. Oh wow..BEAUTIFUL..

    Awwww Toluwa!


  2. OMG! i dunno wat to say! Damn!

    thnx sweets!

    Bcup! i know!

  3. When I grow up.. I want to write like this..

    Liked this.. "..what's scary is that you got the brains too.."

    A beautiful thing..

  4. wow... i need to get back to the learning tables... Purfect!!!

  5. Damn! I SERIOUSLY need lessons. *sigh* When will someone write like this about me?