Saturday, February 28, 2009

Naija Man, Mschew!

Egba mi oh my people
come see ohh
E yan say em luf me
me no wan gree
E tell me say e go die without me
me still no wan gree
I tell am say I no be easy chic
Em no wan gree
I tell am say e no fit handle me
Em no wan gree
E tell me say anything wey I want
make I come tell am
I look am up down, laff small
left me oh, I tell am
E beg, E cry
Me no wan gree
E spend money E beg
Me no wan gree

Oya na,
give me ya bank account number
E no gree
Giff me control power for ya company
E no wan gree
E no dey gree call me again
E don too hard for am to send text
E no wan show for my domot again
See naija man
E luff me die
But em luff em money pass

From the perspective of a Nigerian Woman.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

School of Love

i refuse to fall on my human flaw
as an excuse for my errors
i err yes cause i am imperfect
but more because i do not know
i am a student in your classroom
learning you, your heart, ur needs
learning what is required to make u happy
i am a child here
eager to learn wat is required
to take up the responsibility that is ur heart
and as a student, at times i will fail
at other times i will excel
but i shall not be ashamed to fail
for it is in failing that i learn
and never shall i be slow to apologise for my errors
because this class matters to much to me to be taken lightly
so i will spend sleepless nights endlessly
i will read every manual
i will do wateva it takes
till i recieve the graduate honor
that is ur heart

Thursday, February 19, 2009


This 6 shots of gin
2 shots of whiskey
8 pints of beer
3 rolls of weed
2 times puking at the corner
1 time vomiting in the bathroom

This sweaty hands
6 lads proding and pushing
A bartender cursing and swearing

This is 2 more shots of gin
a whole pack of breath mints
me totally disoriented hoping i dont remember this tomorrow

This is shots of E and
2 more spiked drinks

its taken all this for me to walk up to you just to say hello
its taken 5 hrs 28 mins and 17 secs to get me here
standing in front of you just to say hello
2 catch ur attention for the possibility of a smile,
maybe a name

only for your damn boyfriend to walk in and take you home....shit!!!!!