Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Grinch

We've all heard the story of the Grinch
When I was young, I used to think this guy was just plain stupid!
I mean, he gets all these toys and rather than make himself some dough
He grows a heart and gives them back to the kids
I mean how lame!
But then a friend told me a story years back
About the richest man in the world
He's old, crippled and weathered
He spends his days counting all his gold
Coin for coin, daily, to make sure they are all there
He spends his day polishing them, inspecting them
My friend explains, the old man is the richest man in the world
Because he's the last living person
And so he's got all the money in the world
But nothing to spend it on
So he fills his days counting them and polishing them
And I suddenly realized that the Grinch had an angle
Return the toys, makes some friends, win some hearts
At no cost to himself, he was, I mean returning back what wasn't his
And at the end of day, he gets a free meal, the joy of good company
And even some gifts for himself
And at no cost to what an angle.
So here's to the Grinch, smartest green bastard I ever read of!

To Steve

I'm not a writer, I'm a fibber.
I spin meaningless tales to entertain
In the hope of leaving a legacy, something, behind for anyone
In the hope that when I'm gone
Someone might remember me, think of me
Meet Steve, he's got the same idea as I, or is it me
Unlike me, he's got a regular 9 to 5
Works hard, does his share of giving, his share of loving
But for some reason, he doesn't feel fulfilled
In his mind, there has to be more to life
So he searches for that greater meaning
That something that defines him, distinguishes from the rest of world
Be it a Nobel prize, an Oscar, a Grammy, a Pulitzer, hell even a community award
He's been searching for years, and at this point, no offence, he'll take a bloggers award.
Just something to give his mundane life a purpose
Everyday for the past 5 years, he walks into the same coffee shop
Buys a muffin and a latte, smiles at the girl at the counter and cracks a funny
To her, in her little world, these are the best twelve minutes of her day
Seeing him smile and listening to his voice
He's her reason for waking up in the morning
And her reason for pressing on each day
But poor Steve doesn't see this in his search for meaning
And as she fights the cancer thats killing her
Her only reason to see his smile,
He misses the fact that he's her hero, her world
That to her, his impact on her, gives her the strength she needs
It's to easy to miss the things that matter
A warm beer with friends, a smile from a someone that loves us
A kind word.
What are all the awards in the world, without someone to share them with
What's the use of a legacy, without someone to leave it to
It's the little wins that matter, we all have an impact on someone
And to someone, we are all that matter
And just making their day, making them smile
Beats any award any man can offer
But poor Steve slaves on, unfulfilled
Oblivious that his very smile, saves a life each day
A life that could go on to save another, and that life another
That may give birth to the future leader that ends world hunger
An accomplishment dear Steve remains oblivious to
Till his dying day...

Oblivious that his smile

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Pet

You walk into a room like air slipping into a vacuum

For all those asphyxiated lungs to breathe

And shockingly you don’t realise that’s the effect you have on me

And on everyone else who has the chance to spend time with you

I’ve learnt you cannot choose the way people make you feel

Or the effect they have on you when they leave

You may choose to dull your emotions with alcohol or reasoning

But in the end it doesn’t change how you feel

So it’s better to learn to appreciate the moments

You get to spend with those you enjoy

And if you surround yourself with all those kinds of people

So I want to surround myself with you

And seeing as these feelings are never shared with many

I want to take my time in sharing them with you

And when they ask in years to come, the reason and motivation for who I am

I swear my dear the answer is you.

And I know you’ll never understand the reason why I love you

Just like I can’t figure out why you love me

I’m just glad I met you and got to be with you

And wait for the moment you say...I do.