Friday, April 3, 2009


i start my day the same way I end it
inlove with you
whether near or far
my mind remains fixed on yout
they say you don't take a thing with you
when you leave this crazy world
they wrong about that you know
because i take the memories i made loving you
wherever I go
be it heaven or hell
a state of non existence
or a world far unknown, a parallel universe
as long as i have the lifetime spent loving you
i'll bear what each possibility has to offer
because no suffering or torment
could compare to a day without you
and no joy or pleasure could evenly match
the glory of your smile
so let death usher forth it worst
i'll bear it all
with your name between my lips
and end my life better than i started it
swept away inlove with you.


  1. u really do not take a thing with u....u might have her name on ur lips bt wen u finally leave..its gone honey! make the best use of every time u have wit her...

    PS...Suicide was nice!

  2. Thats where you wrong dear! You'll always have your memories, where ever you go. So i am trying to make the best ones I can...if she'll let me

  3. oh wow..whether or not we take anything with us when we go, i love how u love her so deeply.. :)