Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Bank Tale....Part 2

It’s the darnest thing you’d say, a bank half filled with robbers all of who just met at the time of their withdrawal. But these are the times, a recession is at play plus someone had set word that the security there was joke, and the cops never came, at least not this day. So it would seem a bank filled with robbers all confused on what they should do, till one very brave stood up to explain there was enough money there to go round, after all it was a bank. If each man was patient and if they could all agree, they could divide whatever they got their hands on and leave. They had the bank in their control and couldn’t be over run and in truth this was all just good clean fun. As the bank manager was out, the vault they couldn’t access but the tellers had enough for robbers to make a decent run.

There was none to argue about this crazy idea but they needed to know who was in and how many of them were there. So it was suggested that all the robbers would go to a side and those being robbed would stand on the other, and since they all had guns who would protest? Well as those daring drew to the right and those, shall we say not daring moved to the other, our friend has finally decided what play to make. And as he was about to draw his gun, he felt a hand on his that stopped him from the draw. Right beside him was an elderly man who reminded him of his dad with understanding in his eyes. He whispered few words to our friend, which brought perspective in the way.

‘You don’t want to do that now son’ was all he said with a wink. His head tilted in the direction of the window. And there our friend sees alas it is, as the Calvary has finally arrived. With curses and tears our friend falls to the ground to sit, as this is what the bank robbers ordered. The elderly man beside him is intrigued and engages him in discussion. Our friend spills his woes, whatever they maybe, I doubt you and I care, and I bet right now you see they elder as a hero who’s saved our friend from a life of crime.

The robbers are confused, the cops aren’t meant to be here, that much was quite understood. But there they were clear as day, so now they need a plan or two. Well they decide, they are so many and who is to say who’s the robber or the robbed. So they get the tellers in front of them as they are mostly women and get the rest of the crowd around them. And screaming ‘bomb in the building’ they all rushed out together in much haste.

The cops see the women first and so cannot fire at what becomes a stamped. And so the holster their weapons and prepare for an alternative move. Now inside the bank, our friend had remained, held back by the elderly man. Afraid that they may get hurt if the police being overwhelmed did fire. But to much surprise the thieving plan worked and the robbers all got away. Surprising much more was the fact that the cops didn’t try to get in their way.

It didn’t take long for the cops to storm into the bank. Yellow tape is placed all around the perimeters and constables remain to hold back the crowd. The bank manager stands up, and looks around, suddenly smiling and winking. The cops with holstered weapons smile back at him without confusion and thinking. The old man gets up and suddenly takes charge, he gets a salute from the officer in charge and smartly salutes back. They walk to the vault which the bank manager opens and begin to unload its contents.

Our friend looks on in pure amazement, how could this be? Well explains the elderly man, ‘you’re not the only one feeling the bite of the recession. In line with that I’d like you to meet the officers of the 12th precinct.’ It would seem they formed a plan and let the bank manager in, that they would take the bank and clean its vault and then share the proceeds. Now as they were cops, they needed a way to do this clean and simple, so they spread the word that the bank was flawed and could be robbed quite easily. Now in due course they’d arrive and let the robber go, so what they took from the vault which was the bulk would be blamed on the robber so.

And so it seemed our friend ran into some luck as he was thus included in the deal, and so was anyone who stayed behind as the vault was filled to the till. And as it was, it came to him that he didn’t need a gun to rob the bank, he just need to go there and stand by an elderly man to leave richer than when he began.



    Some people are quite CUNNING, arent they? That's even putting it mildly..

  2. I'm almost ROTF wit this one, i love it, love it, love

  3. u write really really well..