Sunday, April 12, 2009


‘When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade’
I’ve heard this saying so many times
It makes my stomach ache
A simple totem that is used by we
Who strive in life to be ever so self sufficient
Who strive so hard not to depend on anyone so
Thus shielding ourselves from disappointment and hurt
The only person you can depend on is you
Well then why do the other animals run in packs or pairs?
Could it be that they see something I don’t?
I have learnt this much thus far
We choose not our friends; they are determined by our environment
We choose not our families; or the choices we each would have made
We choose not our enemies; if at all we can truly identify who they are
We choose not our jobs; we grab whatever is available
We choose not our religion; we worship what we know, are exposed to and learn
But by some divine glory we are allowed to choose the people we love
And those we share our hearts, selves and problems with
Those we lean on and run to
So who am I to hide my shoulder?
Or to deny myself the comfort of a friend
I wear my faults like a glove
And my passions as a badge
I put my heart up on display
And dare to be judged by what is I am
If you choose it, the choice was yours
But if you break it, it was mine
As it was mine to give, mine to offer
And so I thank you for choosing and for sharing
But I refuse to walk this life alone
When such pleasant company surrounds me
I shall see myself through the eyes of my mother
For what better view in life could there be
And avail myself of all the love that surrounds me
I deny myself nothing I desire and bear the consequences willingly
I will hurt, I will ache and I will be broken
I will be picked up , I will be soothed and I will be put back together
For I have one simple choice, to love or stand alone
I came into this world alone to the greetings of many
But I refuse to walk it alone

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