Thursday, July 30, 2009

My cousin died just yesterday
I take the blame
I haven’t heard from him in years
I take the blame
No warm tales about him before or ever since
I take the blame
I haven't called his mother yet
I take the blame
I haven’t cried even though I want to
I take the blame
I never treated him with the love I held for him
I take the blame
I never granted his requests
I take the blame
I never said goodbye when I left
I take the blame
I haven’t mourned even though I need to
I take the blame
I’ve just gone on living, being strong for everyone else
I take the blame
My cousin died just yesterday
Another name added to my list of dead loved ones
Each as precocious as the next
Each I never said goodbye too
My cousin died just yesterday
I take the blame


I’m going to burn this house down
So nothing lives here any more
Burn it all down to the seams
So nothing here can even breathe
I’ll burn it down while you sleep
So that you won’t feel a thing
You won’t hurt and you won’t bleed
You’ll only loose what you don’t need
Wake up pure and unfulfilled
After I’ve burnt everything
I’d be gone with all the rubble
Out of your life with my all troubles
I’m going to burn just what we mean
Everything that’s you and me
End it all with gasoline
Let the heat cleanse the scenery
Watch the smoke rise up eternally
In ending you I’m ending me
Maybe on the other side
I’d find the peace that you with me, hides

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

For the love of you

If I could take the pain away with alcohol,
I swear I’d stay
I’d never leave another day
I’d brave the rain until it swayed

Just one more line and I’d be fine
It’s the only way I can cope with your whine
But what’s the point? You’d see the signs
Oh! I forgot my dear, you’re blind

A drag a drag to take the loss
Sobriety is making me worse
It breaks my shield against your fuss
And I begin to see you as a curse

I need this hit to stay with you
To get me through the shit you go through
Destroy my body for the love of you
The truth be told my minds gone too
So I try to keep my sober moments few
So I can be the man I ought to
Always being there for you
Watching as you take from me until I’m through

I love you dear but you’re killing me
You do not see the things I see
Caught up in your own world constantly
So I am sorry my love I need to leave
Or I’d never find sobriety

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


A drink to kill the memories
A drink to dull the senses
A drink to kill the sorrow
A drink to induce senseless laughter
A drink for all that is lost
A drink for the dead
A drink for the unforgotten
A drink to calm my head
A drink to take the pain away
A drink to induce silence
A drink to steal my breath away
As the bottle becomes empty, we are forever no more...