Monday, December 26, 2011


I take comfort in the fact you won't read this
Or ever see the manic depressive I've become
There are days I lie to myself I don't need you
There are days I can't stand the sound of your name
There are days I think I don't like you
There are days I accept that you won't be coming home
There are days I feel I could just kill you
But just end up broken down in bed
There are days were the world illuminates nothing but you
And I wake up still wishing I'm dead
There are days where it's so hard to breathe
And I'm so overwhelmed, then your memory pops up in my head
There are days I can hardly make it out of bed
And I want to claw your name out my head
There are days I detest everything about you
But I could never ever live a life without you
There are days that hold promise and days with none at all
But there hasn't been a day I don't love you
There's never been a day I don't think of you
Or pray our futures end up together in the end
There hasn't been a day I've been able to be me without you