Monday, May 17, 2010

Stolen Works

My inspiration wanes
I’m lost in the pain
I can hardly find a reason to breathe today
Can’t afford the alcohol to drown my sorrows
Here, I have lost the will to believe tomorrow
I watch the people pass by, in their own little worlds
I know they don’t see me, if they did they’d hurl
My friends are worst than enemies, they judge and stare
You would too when you read this, but I am beyond care
What you can’t see is the darkness that lies within
And the places it takes me with its numerous sins
This pen is a gun and the ink is a bullet
These words are my blood, gushing out from my gullet
By the time this is done
My life would be gone
Your shaking heads will tilt in pity
But your hearts won’t feel me
And before the sun dawns I’ll be forgotten
Just a faded thought, lost and rotten

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