Monday, May 17, 2010

Arike mi

Life in itself is all to fleeting
The moments that pass, they run so fast
But if these worthless days are shared
By a body worthy to be cared
The microseconds seem to last
So that every second we waste
Makes the minutes we taste
Appear so bland and chaste
And there you stand out of six billion and more
The solitary wind that directs my sails
Through hail and storm leading me to your shore
Life is a journey, I make my way through
A passing guest at many hearts
But the reason I kept moving
Even when the roads where hard and rough
The thought of coming home to you, gets me through.
You are the best that I can be
The highest accolade I could receive
The more I learn the better I see
You are the building blocks that make up me
You are the answer to the questions
I haven’t even thought of
The reason I wake and why I dream
You are the place I call home
Where my heart returns at the end of the day
The only reason I walk this road of life
Is to return to you
The times that we’re far apart
Only make sense because of the times we have shared
And I only make it through the days
Because I dream of coming back to you
Even if we don’t end up together
And another place your heart ends
I’ll still come home to you
Every day I spend
You’re my final destination
And I always run home to you


  1. I might be tempted to use this oriki from now on, this was a fantastic piece.

  2. Thanks Toluwa, imagine singing this praise to someone daily?