Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Itch

She didn’t have to say the words
It was written in her eyes
All he had to do was read the signs
Only then he realized
All the hurt that had transpired
She had kept it all within
Bore inside her personal sins
She wore these just like a cross
As the measure of the self she saw
Watching all her flaws as a mirror
Loosing herself to find redemption
Till all her set backs became damnation
And yet this fool loved her
Ever willing for het to suffer
While she solely believed she was incapable of this emotion
Her vanity her only devotion
Blind to see that till she truly loved herself
She could never truly share that part of herself
In her head he never met her requirements
So irrelevant were his accomplishments
And as shadows fall and graves get dug
His dying wish the angels sing
That she learn to forgive her past and pause
To appreciate herself for whom she was
To him she always would be incomplete
Till she learnt to love her own feet


  1. Deep. It's not good to hide things inside.

  2. My problem with you is , you rarely update and it pains me to no end..
    Still.. as usual it is soulful and sad..
    May I ask...
    Why are your poems of one theme?
    Love,rejection and heartbreak albeit pining?
    Nice poem still.

  3. 2 cute - I write the things I am afraid to feel. If you read my earlier posts, you'll find you are not so right with your assumptions.

    Thank you

    Jaycee - Thank you