Saturday, May 9, 2009

Exams! Exams! Exams!

Exams! Exams! Exams! I’ve had exams all month and it’s been driving me nuts. But alas I am finally through, just chilling in my room about to finally watch some dirty sick porn I downloaded for no apparent reason other than the obvious when it occurs to me to check my mailbox. A harmless thing in itself but then there’s the mail and I do mean the mail. It’s from one of my professors asking to see me. Now this is awkward, well because this professor is hot, I mean she is way hot. On a scale of one to ten she’s a twelve, for real, no lie. She’s like the bench mark for beauty and hotness around this parts, so if you describing a hot chic you just meant, every one’s gonna ask you to compare her to this professor.

Now I’m not sure why she would want to see me, but I’m a guy and like all guys I let my imagination go, never once thinking it could be about my grades. Well of course I did but I dismissed that early, well because the fantasy plays much better.
Now my appointment with her is for 4pm, closing hours, which as you must have guessed helped fuel the fantasies. So I get there early, like an hour early and I don’t know why, so I have to pace the corridors waiting for 4pm, when it occurs to me her office hours are 2pm to 4pm. Why would she want to see me after office hours? A smile crosses my face and I’m in Never Never land waiting for Trixie to come home.

Then I get this phone call from a friend who’s meant to be taking the same course with this professor, he tells me the grades are out and he’s flunked. Now this obviously isn’t good news as he’s the brightest chap I know. If he flunked, then what are my chances? Pretty damn good, cause I read my heart out for that course and I made every high grade in the tests. I never missed a class, never! That’s odd cause me and the same chap spent our time on smoking weed at our other class times. But we never missed her class. And I sure paid attention to every syllable coming out of those luscious lips. I could even quote her by class and time.
Yet I’m a bit anxious as if I failed the exams and that’s why she wants to see me, how does this make me appear to Miss Dreamboat. For some reason I still can’t phantom I begin reading my class notes very fast. Which is odd because well, why the heck did I bring my class notes to her office after the exam? But I know I don’t want to appear stupid in front of the object of my affections.

At 3.30pm she opens her door and is just stepping out when she spots me reading. She smiles, oh lord her smile, it’s like the dawn and a summer sunset occurring at the same time. Like nothing you will ever see again, yet you see it every time you see her. She walks up to me and I have to shift my bag to my mid section if you know what I mean. She looks directly at me in bewilderment and asks if I’ve been waiting to see her, I stammer yes and try to explain a mix-up in my mind due to her office hours. She just keeps on smiling and asks me into her office.
Seated there, a thousand things are running through my mind when her first question comes out and blows me to a Halo game world. I mean she actually asks what I think of her. Hearts beating at 200RPM, minds writing poetry at the rate binary codes are being processed. Well I stammer she’s a great teacher and I learn a lot from her. She smiles again and she thanks me and notices I never miss a class and that my test grades have been quite good. I thank her and try to explain that I am like that with all my course. She smiles makes me confirm that and then tells me another professor a guy doesn’t agreed with my assessment of myself as a student. Saying I have missed all his classes and tests. Now I’m upset and can’t figure out why on earth he would say that. I had a course from him last semester and did quite well in it, what an arse.

Then she asks me a more direct question which makes me adjust my bag again, she asks if I like her. Now my minds doing the gig, teacher –student romance, me and Miss Dreamboat? I don’t care if she flunks me or about grades any more, hell who wants an affair, let’s elope. But I have to play cautious so I tell her I think she’s a great tutor and I admire her a lot. Then it happens, she adjusts her seat, tells me she’s come out plain and actually tells me she knows I have a crush on her. My body didn’t know whether to cum or pee in my pants. I had to check my pulse, hell I wanted to slap myself, it was possible I was dreaming all this after I read her mail.
I’m still stammering and answer; she just smiles and tells me she knows I have a crush on her and that she’s sure of it. She must have caught me staring at her dreamingly during class but she didn’t say that. She asked if I wanted to know how she knows and I stammered yes, realizing I just admitted to the crush.

Well she says, I passed her course, practically one of the few who did, I didn’t miss a question but she can’t give me my grade. I’m now in shock and my body’s made up its mind that if it has to do anything its pee. Now I don’t really care about the grade if she’s gonna have an affair with me, what’s a grade compared to an affair with the hottest professor on campus? But then fair is fair, I’ve never worked so hard reading anything in my life just to impress her. Well she explains, I can’t get my grade cause I didn’t register for her course, I registered for professor Shit face course instead. Then I realize it, hell its true, I did so well in his course with minimum effort last semester I register for another course under him this semester but then I saw Miss Dreamboat walk into another class the same time as Shit face’s course time and I followed her instead. Now what’s worse she knows I have a crush on her and so she’s sending to me student counseling for the summer holidays. Ahhh a loss loss situation here!