Wednesday, May 13, 2009

For Leggy

She’s the only woman outside my mother
To have made me cry… that is without hitting me
Yet when I think of her, it is with a fondness so overwhelming
It compares to the joy of creation
She left without a word in the darkness of the day
And yet when she called years later
My heart couldn’t help but resonate with a brightness left for stars
She told me she was getting married
And I could not but feel happy for her
She had found love, life and fulfillment
What more could I ask?
I held nothing against her but the love she graced me with once upon a time
She taught me love, desire, want and restraint
She showed me looks don’t matter… if they had I’d have never stood a chance
The joy of talking for hours about nothing
And singing on the phone in the office while praying your boss doesn’t hear you… I’ll never try that again
She helped me grow and mature
Taught me the beauty of considering others in your decisions
She taught me to love who I am without restraint
And made me worth ever molecule I contain
She taught me the intricate calming of letting others share your burdens
And the classiness of a strong, mature woman
My one regret is I didn’t spend the night when she asked me to
The only regret I’ve ever had in life… don’t worry I still have time to get more
She became my benchmark for what I want in a woman
She taught me there are no limits to what I would do for anyone I love … well apart for gay stuff and senseless murder.
And even though she’s in the arms of another
Raising his kids and cooking his meals
I love her still like no other
And vehemently refuse to ever live any life
Where we did not meet, love and share
No matter the pain, no matter the outcome.

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  1. he he he....i cant stop smiling!!!