Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dashboard Confessions Pt II

Now here's my take on it years later, lol

Never felt this way before
Never wanted anything more
Want to tear the doors down
And let her in on all my secrets
Want to let her see under my skin
Let her wear the clothes I’ve been in
Let her spend time in my mind
In the darkest corners that reside within
But my fear is what she would see
And how she would receive
The man inside, she has never seen
Would he repel her and make her flee
Then the voices inside speak to me
‘What’s there to tell that she will not see?
If you love her so then don’t let her know
It’s best for you to her show’
So on a clear blue night with the summer breeze
I ask her out to come and meet me
She arrived not a bit too early
Called out my name, me being in the basement
I asked her to come down and so she did
To find me knife in hand, blood on fist
With a stiff on the floor carved to bits
‘This is who I am, I can’t fake it
Thought you should know so asked you here to see it
But before you say or do a thing
I need you to know I love you more than anything
Or anyone I’ve ever known
And if you need me to let this go
You’re the only one that can make it so’
She looked into my eyes to see
The savage desire that lay within me
Tears rolling down her face
She could take no more so turned away
I couldn’t take it, this was a mistake
And destroyed the only person I ever loved in my wake
I moved to her slowly and turned her round
Told her I loved her and apologized for letting her down
I’d understand whatever action she’d take
Whatever happened now, the consequences I’d face
With tears and sobs she slipped the knife from my hands
And very slowly turned around
‘It’s alright baby’ was all she said
As she placed the knife quite skillfully into my chest
And with one swift blow she slit my throat
As her savage laugh gargled from to meet my ears
It suddenly became clear, only evil can love the evil men do
As the voices whispered ‘you fell in love with someone just like you’

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  1. This is dark and gory. Not my kind of poem but well written still.