Saturday, February 28, 2009

Naija Man, Mschew!

Egba mi oh my people
come see ohh
E yan say em luf me
me no wan gree
E tell me say e go die without me
me still no wan gree
I tell am say I no be easy chic
Em no wan gree
I tell am say e no fit handle me
Em no wan gree
E tell me say anything wey I want
make I come tell am
I look am up down, laff small
left me oh, I tell am
E beg, E cry
Me no wan gree
E spend money E beg
Me no wan gree

Oya na,
give me ya bank account number
E no gree
Giff me control power for ya company
E no wan gree
E no dey gree call me again
E don too hard for am to send text
E no wan show for my domot again
See naija man
E luff me die
But em luff em money pass

From the perspective of a Nigerian Woman.


  1. LOL.. Yeah right.. Una don come again o!!
    Yabbing my Naija brethren.. Una suppose go try am with Richard Branson then.. Let's see if you'll own Virgin.. Pshewww.. :) ;)

  2. I bet Richards wife owns at least a quater of his $$$. HA!

  3. hahaha! What?! You wanna ruin the guy? Tell me, what kinda love will let the guy give you ALL his money?

    Love ko, love ni. lol!