Thursday, February 19, 2009


This 6 shots of gin
2 shots of whiskey
8 pints of beer
3 rolls of weed
2 times puking at the corner
1 time vomiting in the bathroom

This sweaty hands
6 lads proding and pushing
A bartender cursing and swearing

This is 2 more shots of gin
a whole pack of breath mints
me totally disoriented hoping i dont remember this tomorrow

This is shots of E and
2 more spiked drinks

its taken all this for me to walk up to you just to say hello
its taken 5 hrs 28 mins and 17 secs to get me here
standing in front of you just to say hello
2 catch ur attention for the possibility of a smile,
maybe a name

only for your damn boyfriend to walk in and take you home....shit!!!!!


  1. kai, you beat me to disvirgining the wall....

    hmm all that to talk to a woman...she must be Halle Berry i think...

  2. should have got in there quick

  3. hey came here from your sweetie page....welcome how are you??

  4. Picture a newbie saying welcome to a newbie..! Ha!!
    But Welcome..!
    A different writing style.. interesting..!


    Welcome to blogville.

  6. welcome to Blogsville. :)