Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A speck of dust

I'm lost, I'm hungry, I have no where to go
I'm alone, depressed, the world doesn't feel like a home
But who cares, who's there?
Who sees my hungry stare?
Who sees the tears as they pour down in my despair?
I'm unemployed, broke, homeless and broken
I'm degraded, disgraced and judged by words unspoken
I've arrived at a point where I see the ghosts in the shadows
And when I look at the dust, I see bones, all broken and hallow
All I am to you are words, thoughts and ideas
But you won't even listen, you see, to you, I'm not even there
I cling to falling curtains, as they draw close my life
Trying to find a memory, of a time things were alright
Trying to take a breath, that maybe someone would remember
But what do you care, I'm just the winter in December
And I'll pass on unknown, uncared for and un-thought of
No one would even notice, I leave nothing to be in want of
My words would remain unread, my thoughts unheard
And yet I have friends, some would dare say I have loved ones...
None ever really knew me nor the lives, I lived
The woes I bled, the troubles I breed
I was just a face, a speck of dust on the sand
I was heard when I was born, but I go silent on my death bed
The silence was my life, the words I said unheard
I came loved and wanted
I leave unloved, unneeded
Unheard, unknown....just a speck of dust on the sand

1 comment:

  1. *sigh* funny that i came across your blog at this moment. i feel the same way right now.

    well written