Wednesday, June 29, 2011

silly thing

i imagine you standing by the door
dressed in nothing but a thin black silk
i imagine taking you into my arms
your smell intoxicates me
i grow weak as i feel your warm embrace
at first too afraid to look into face
a lil afraid that your beauty would blind my eyes
but then i take you in and it's always a sensuous surprise
i imagine my hands around your waist
i'm loosing consciousness as my hand strokes the small of your back
it's like i'm dying when your lips find mine
and every time, i swear i loose my mind
i imagine your hands locked in my hair
it's like i'm walking on chocolate covered silken air
i imagine the glorious smile that shapes your face
and believe it comes from feeling of having me near
i imagine you waiting there for me
that's how i make it through my days

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