Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Silly Nonesense

Here, the thoughts that go on swimming in my head
Of how I won’t get to heaven when I am dead
Stuck down here with these drugs instead
With all the hate that I’ve been fed
From all of the girls I did not wed
And there they wonder why I pop these pills
It’s just for the way they make me feel
While yet keeping me functional still
3 days and running with no sleep
Living simply on coffee and self medication
With no need for food to fuel my condition
Watching my grades get better without fault
So now I’m convinced there’s no reason to halt
As the drugs keep me focused on the things I ought
Helping me to forget the things I am not
Unlike people, who always find me short
They keep me numb and carefree
While I lose everyone that meant everything to me
Why is it geniuses always end up empty?


  1. wow..silly nonsense right? yet it gives u that energy u need to achieve that, yet withdrawing from that which you've achieved...cool...

  2. geniuses don't end up empty but drowned in the silly assumption that their brilliance is all they are and worth.
    depending solely on drugs to make it, live through the day, be excellent and dull the pain, makes you weak.. so weak.. what you gonna do uh?
    nice compilation...

  3. i so agree with 2cute4u
    i dont think they end up empty
    they are just far removed mentally than most ppl
    nice post