Friday, February 19, 2010

Inspire Me

Brand me a thief, label me your liar
Burn me with the vilest names that your heart desire
Scream songs of my faults till the heavens burn heavy and noir
Sting me with the insults left for murders and traitors
With the darkest emotions I rear inside of you
Preach door to door of every vile deed bearing my name on cue
Instilling in the heavens the craving to reject my soul
Rain down every curse your soul can bear in whole
On my character, person and on my soul
Yet I’m still standing, I’m still here
And at your darkest, when your heart is heavy and your soul is broken and no one can hear
When you’re at your lowest time of need
You find me, knowing you can always depend on me to help you breathe
That I’ll always be there, your constant tower of solace
The drug you can take to help you focus
Knowing whatever life you live and breathe
You will always suffer me
As my burning effect, good or bad, will always be there in your life


  1. Acceptance of a particular conduct from a particular person and repeatedly at that when its obvious you're being used and taken like a fool all because of your feelings, make you weak, masochistic.The resignation I sense is you wallowing in self pity.. do what you gotta do and snap out of it ,this isn't love, this isn't being good, this isn't friendship.Nice piece.Good work as always.

  2. 2cute4u, thanks for stopping by, thanks for the input. I don't believe we're on the same page or that you get what the poem is about. But thanks again.

  3. I marvel at your use of words but can't help wondering who the poem is about? Nice one.