Wednesday, July 29, 2009

For the love of you

If I could take the pain away with alcohol,
I swear I’d stay
I’d never leave another day
I’d brave the rain until it swayed

Just one more line and I’d be fine
It’s the only way I can cope with your whine
But what’s the point? You’d see the signs
Oh! I forgot my dear, you’re blind

A drag a drag to take the loss
Sobriety is making me worse
It breaks my shield against your fuss
And I begin to see you as a curse

I need this hit to stay with you
To get me through the shit you go through
Destroy my body for the love of you
The truth be told my minds gone too
So I try to keep my sober moments few
So I can be the man I ought to
Always being there for you
Watching as you take from me until I’m through

I love you dear but you’re killing me
You do not see the things I see
Caught up in your own world constantly
So I am sorry my love I need to leave
Or I’d never find sobriety

1 comment:

  1. technically...ur saying that u r drunk on her?!lol...nice.long time too.