Friday, March 27, 2009

It takes a woman...

I met her 1st by paper. Just a name accompanied by words. A combination of which inspired emotions in me i could not deny. They learnt a voice as then unheard and thus a personality and a then a face 2 This person yet unseen.
Words that demanded a reply, a lovin retort for the emotions they stired. These were given and more words ushered forth from her. Words That produced a wanting desire to share these emotions they envoked.
They caused a penmanship in me that hadn't till then been discovered. Those words that make my internal workings change and now i breathe to return the favor. To inspire in her what she has in me.
To cause these longing for words to possess her as it has me. But not just any words, no, it they have to be mine. They have to stir in her the desire to read them constantly, to breathe them. Till they become her waking thought and dying obession.
I need to instill in her a wanting to share every emotion she feels, every thot that runs through her head till she is filled with obession for me.
Such are the power of words. But not just any words but the right words, said at the right time and delievered in such a manner as to cause any soul to stir. Words that calm the angry beast, that quench the souless fire of a sun. Words that once ushered take up a life of their own as if possessed by the breathe of God. Words dat inspire wars and cause even the hardest hearts to beat still.
Words that have brought me to this! Obsessed and broken, lost and loving every moment. It is words that have overtaken me and so words i must return in kind till i can fully repay the hand she has dealt me