Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Black man speaketh

I am a man, a proud man, a black man, a hunter,
A farmer, a father, a provider, a wrestler,
A son, raised and placed at the head by the ages of time
Birthed from a woman, loved by woman, raised by woman, taught by many.
I am a man, a black man, a hunter.
I see my prey, I set my traps, and my desires become mine.
This is how it has been
How it was shown to a man
A strong man, a proud man.
I am the hunter
So tell me please when I became so unwittingly the prey?
Yes I saw her first, but it was her who decided she wanted me
Yes I persued her, but it was her who laid the traps and who caught me
What role reversal is this?
There I thought I was the master
Yet she rules my house
So that in my very home, ever so subtle she commands me
I am man, tall, strong, desirable...this I have been told
I can have anything my heart desires
When did my heart begin to desire her?
I am a man, I seek to hunt to feed
Now I seek to please her.
I am a man, caught, branded and kept by a woman
I am a proud man, a provider, a wrestler
I fight for her and I provide for her
I am a proud that she choose to ensare me.

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  1. Hey...

    y r u showing off! Errone knows its me already! Lol..

    Nice write up!