Thursday, June 11, 2009

My reason for being single

My friends today gathered around me
To share the joy that they experience from love, marriage and father hood
They showed me pictures and told me tales of beautiful things and blessings being
And wondered why their tactics failed to snare me
They wanted me to see their joy and hence join their merry club of wedded men
And though I did envy them all their tales
I could not but explain calmly that I could not yet join their club
They wondered why and so they asked
And so I had to explain I hadn’t found she who would snare me yet
In shock they exclaimed as we know so many women fit and ready
So they asked what the problem could be
And so I had to explain further and thus insist
There was none that we know that was on this list…
The 10 richest women in the world

….. And to all the ladies out there, that I know, know me who believe I am a dreamer and have no chance in the world, I am truly insulted by how low you think of yourselves… Wake up and get on that list.


  1. lol...the list? why dont you want to get married tho, excluding the list